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Cycling in Majorca with SunVelo’s cycling training camps and cycling holidays

If you have ever thought about cycling in Majorca then SunVelo offers the best cycling training camps, cycling holidays and all-round cycling in Majorca experience (Mallorca as spelt by the Spanish). Run by a passionate group of ride leaders that know intimately all the challenging training roads, best sportive riding roads and the most picturesque touring roads to enhance your cycling in Majorca enjoyment.

Whether you want a cycling holiday or a training camp, if you are a racing cyclist, time trialist, triathlete, training for a specific sportive event, charity rider, cycling tourist or just enjoy the freedom of being out on the bike, SunVelo is about good days cycling in Majorca. SunVelo has the flexibility to be a place used as a cycling training camp or a more relaxed cycling holiday, our ride leaders have a broad cycling experience that covers all cycling disciplines and levels.

Cycling in Majorca with SunVelo gives you the opportunity to ride in groups of like minded people led by qualified cycling coaches and experienced group leaders under the guidance of multiple Commonwealth games cycling medalist Alastair Irvine. SunVelo group rides whether training based or more relaxed are planned, organised and structured to make the most of your cycling time. A week with SunVelo will help you add significant mileage to an existing training plan. Cycling in Majorca provides the ideal training camp destination or good times touring on the bike.

Whether you come by yourself, with a friend or as a group, on a cycling holiday or to do some significant sportive training miles; with SunVelo everyone is an equal part and contributor to enjoying days on the road. Cycling in Majorca with SunVelo can be challenging, it will be sociable and it is always fun!

Come and join us at SunVelo for cycling in the sun and the varied terrain that Majorca offers.

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