About SunVelo

SunVelo is born out of a passion for cycling, founded by cyclists for cyclists. Cycling like any sport or activity requires a degree of fitness, fitness is relative to the objective and objectives are personal! Our aim at SunVelo is to create the environment centred around fun and enjoyment that allows you to make incremental gains and progress towards your personal cycling objectives.

Effective road cycling is not about power and strength, the secret to great cycling is efficiency and there is nothing more effective in cycling than the efficiency of a disciplined co-ordinated organised group or team.

At SunVelo we want everyone to enjoy the pleasure of cycling as we do, we know, like the elite professional cyclists, that efficiency is the key factor to improvement and that progressive cycling will yield the greatest development.

SunVelo groups become your team, forging friendships on the road, to get to the next cafe, cover distance or perform at speed, the pleasure of experiencing cycling in a beautiful environment with fellow enthusiasts.

Whether you are relatively new to cycling or been a devotee for many years, your time with SunVelo will be a positive experience, developing fitness and skills, you will be inclusive and a contributor to your chosen group.

We want you to develop your cycling with our experienced ride team, exceed your expectations, gain the confidence from being part of a structured cycling group. Leaving Majorca feeling you have progressed each day and wanting to go home and continue in that positive direction to achieve your objectives, no matter what they are.

At SunVelo your cycling day is structured and co-ordinated, your experience will be positive and inclusive, everyone is equal and part of the SunVelo team. Join us, be part of something, be one of the team, your team.