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QWhat sort of bikes are provided to hire? What should I bring?

Go to our cycle hire page and you will see full details of the Felt and Ridley carbon bikes we use. Bring your own pedals and if you prefer to use your own saddle that as well and the bike will be set up specifically to fit you for maximum comfort. Don’t forget your crash hat! We don’t take people out on group rides unless they are wearing one.

QDo I have to share a room? Can I come on my own?

You do not need to share a room, and yes you can come on your own. You have the option to come along with a room mate or if you are not travelling with anyone and want to keep the cost down you can elect to be allocated a room mate. Alternatively pay the single supplement and have a spacious hotel room all to yourself, lots of people do!

QDo you offer deals to large groups, teams, clubs or organisations?

Yes we do. We have special rates for clubs, groups and race teams. We actively support charity riding groups requiring specific organisation. Contact us for further details.

QCan I ride in different groups?

Yes. It is up to you which group you ride with on a daily basis, there is no pressure on you to ride in one group or other, we are here to offer advice and help you make your decision.

QCan I bring my family?

Yes. Your family are very welcome. The Viva Blue hotel is one of Majorca’s leading family resorts during summer time and has family facilities available during the autumn and spring cycling holiday/training season.

QDo I have to ride everyday?

No. It is your holiday, you can ride as little or as often as you like. Most people sign up to ride for a group lead week of cycling but you may prefer to book your accommodation, bike hire and then just buy a few day tickets during the week to join group rides. SunVelo also has a mid-week "free activity day" with a cycling based activity different from the usual daily group ride on offer.

QWho are the ride leaders?

We have a great and hugely experienced team of ride leaders for each level of cycling. The ride team is lead by Alastair Irvine who has extensive experience of team training riding and leading cycling holiday groups. Click on our riding team for their details

QI’m worried about being left behind, how fit do I need to be?

We do not leave anyone behind to fend for themselves out on unknown roads…………..ever! We are here to ensure you have a positive cycling experience and can help you decide which riding group is best for you. A basic cycling fitness will, of course, enhance your enjoyment.

QDo I have to ride in a group?

No. You do not need to ride in a group. You may prefer to take the accommodation and cycle hire option and do your own thing. Although without doubt it is a lot more fun, you will cover a lot more distance and get far more from your cycling time in Majorca if you cycle with a group.

QCan I bring my own bike?

Yes you can bring your own bike and it can be stored in the Viva Blue hotel cycle garage. However with the hassle factor, increasing carriage costs on airlines and the fact that top of the range carbon road bikes are available to hire at a reasonable price you may want to consider seriously if it is worth it.

QHow long can I stay? When can I arrive? Is there a start and finish day?

The minimum stay is 3 nights up to as long as you like. Most people come for a week arriving and departing on Saturdays and a structured week of group lead riding runs from Sunday to Friday with the opportunity to ride Saturdays depending on your flight times, but you can arrive and depart whenever you like. We also offer a mid-week cycling based "free activity day" that differs from the usual daily lead group ride.

QWhy should I come to SunVelo, I can go with someone else cheaper?

SunVelo unashamedly provides excellent 4 star accommodation in a sought after location together with the best cycling group leaders. There will always be cheaper options but we believe we offer the best value for the highest quality cycling experience available in Majorca.