Weekly Ride Schedule

Cycling group distance chart

Cycling group elevation chart

  • Sunday – A flat to undulating route with minor challenges. (300 to 600m of climbing)
  • Monday – An undulating challenging route with some climbs. (500 to 700m climbing)
  • Tuesday – An very undulating route with the addition of a hill challenge. (700 to 1000m of climbing)
  • Wednesday – A social relaxing recovery ride day.
  • Thursday – A challenging day of mountain and hill climbing. (1200 to 1800m of climbing)
  • Friday – A flat start before some easy gradients with a flat ride home. (400 to 700m of climbing)
  • Saturday – A mainly flat route with a few gradual gradients. (200 to 400m of climbing)

Cycling with SunVelo is about a positive experience

It’s about being part of a team.
It’s about developing the protocols of organised cycling.
It’s about becoming a more efficient and effective cyclist.
A structured and progressive programme for your cycling time.
Challenging, sporting or leisurely and always fun!